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About my Packard

My Packard is a beautifully looked after and refurbished 1939 Packard Six Automobile

It's original list price was $US995, and it featured very advanced suspension and a manual Overdrive system that was quite groundbreaking for its time. It certainly looks a lot heavier than it's empty weight of 1550kg, and the straight six, 4.0 litre engine produces 100bhp, more than enough to allow this wonderful old car to get around in style! All this class comes at a small cost however, and at only 3 miles (5 kilometers) per litre, you certainly want to be good friends with your local service station owner...

It seats six people with comfort, although the New Zealand Passenger Service Licence only allows it to carry 4 passengers and a driver. The rear benchseat in particular has been described by many as "more like a living room sofa than a car seat", and the car is certainly very comfortable and quiet to travel in.

So, why not let me share these wonderful Old Ladies of the road with you. I hope you will get as much enjoyment as I do out of the attention and curiousity my Packard attracts; this is truly an experience you don't want to miss. Team

My Team are a diverse, eclectic & fun group of unique individuals, who all bring very special qualities to your tour

Every one of my drivers is, first & foremost, a fully accredited Art Deco Trust Walk Guide. We all voluntarily give our time & expertise to the guests who do the Art Deco Walk and, armed with this knowledge, have trained in the additional material required to be an Art Deco Vintage Car driver. Most of us are local, born & raised, but we have a couple of "imports", one from Mexico & another from England; see if you can spot them... City

My city is a living time capsule of the 30's, having been rebuilt almost completely after a devastating earthquake in 1931

From the ashes arose an almost entirely new city centre, built primarily in the style of the day, Art Deco. There are also liberal doses of other contemporary 1930's styles, such as stripped classical, praire & spanish mission. Collectively, these building represent the most concentrated area of period architecture anywhere in the world, giving rise to our claim that we are "The Art Deco Capital of the World."

If it's food, shopping or fun things to do, look no further. To complement our enviable climate, we have a wonderful lifestyle here in Hawkes Bay. The Art Deco Trust, Hawkes Bay Tourism, Napier City Life, Ahuriri Businesses & Napier i-SITE (information centre) are all about showcasing our city & all it has to offer. Enjoy...

The original Packard and GrahamThe team ready for cruise ship excursionsNapier Art Deco city